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Connect w/ The World Using Geo Messages

Introducing, LightPlay — the world’s first geo messaging app. Use LightPlay to connect with the world like never before and experience life in a whole new light. This is only the beginning.

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Send Geo Messages Anywhere

With LightPlay, you have the ability to send geo messages anywhere for anybody in the world to discover and interact with. Geo messages can be pictures, videos, links, texts, audio clips, and even AR (augmented reality).

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You’re Always In

We know how important your privacy is. LightPlay is designed to be an extension of the person using it, so you decide who gets to see what you share. You’re always in control.

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New Interactions
With Geofences

Add another layer of privacy to messages with geofences. These are like invisible fences around messages and can only be opened when inside. You can set the radius of the geofence from 10ft - 100ft.

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The Map Is Your

Everyone’s inbox is different. You can see messages that are public, from accounts you follow, or those sent to you privately. All available messages will appear on your map.

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The Possibilities
Are Endless

Share, discover, and interact with geo messages from anywhere. Connect with the world like never before and live life in a whole new light.

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A Universe Designed
Just for You Awaits

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